Tax Law

The VICI Law Firm will help you in legal matters regarding taxes by giving you advice on suitable and efficient tax measures. With the right guidance you can, due to the ever changing nature of tax legislation, decrease your tax bill and avoid tax related risks.

In the economical- and commercial surroundings of an entrepreneur there are always tax related measures to take into consideration when making decisions. We have great experience in the different situations that you as an entrepreneur will face and we can assist you in matters regarding for example:


  • • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • • Real Estate
  • • Amendments to the ownership structure
  • • Correcting your corporate structure
  • • Generation changes
  • • Tax planning regarding dividend & salary (handling the so-called 3:12 rules)
  • • Employee benefits.

Contact us if you want to:
Plan in advance- Make transactions- Have a legal counsel in a legal dispute regarding taxes.


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