CSR – Corporate Social Responsibilty

Efficiency in quality and in the achievement of goals set with regard to time and cost are fundamental values for the VICI Law Firm. We have a strong social responsibility and commitment to the communities in which we act. We take active part in developing the business community in Skåne by being sponsors to local entities, such as Lunds Nyföretagarcentrum, Hässleholms Nyföretagarcentrum, Frukostklubben Hässleholm, God Morgon Lund, Lunds Klimatallians and BNI. The local non-profit associations are of equal importance. Among others we support LUGI Handboll, Torns IF, Kävlinge Golfklubb, Eslövs IK, Hurricanes Hässleholm. We sponsor UNICEF globally for children’s rights on an ongoing basis.