Members of the Swedish Bar Association.

There is a legal framework to protect you when you choose to consult with us. As members of the Swedish Bar Association we are committed to your interests, and your interests alone. Loyalty to you as a client, independence (autonomy), no conflict of interests, and professional secrecy are core values of the Ethical Rules of the Swedish Bar Association. As members we are under supervision of the Swedish Bar Association. Apart from the 4,5 year-education in Law School, from which you receive your Law Degree, there is a requirement of at least three years of experience of practicing law by offering legal services to the public. Furthermore, there are requirements regarding good financial standing, well-reputed integrity, and suitability for the legal profession. A member of the Swedish Bar Association must complete at least 18 hours of mandatory training each year. There is mandatory insurance cover for your benefit as a client in case of wrongdoings or malpractice by a member or an associate of the VICI Law Firm.